A Kick In The Crutch

[This is a back-dated post from before I launched my blog]

Today was another day of visiting medical professionals, this time down to the Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases (known as the Royal Mineral Water Hospital in ye olde days).

Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 07.36.05

See, the cancer (whatever type it is – we should know once I get the results from yesterday’s PET-CT scan) has taken a liking to my right hip, spine and pelvis. The results of my original MRI scan show a lot of ‘malignant activity’ in that area, where basically some of my bone marrow/bone has been replaced by these nasty little cancerous cells.

That’s what’s been causing my back pain agony for the last few months, and sending shooting pain down my right leg. Not a pulled muscle, nor a trapped nerve. Not a slipped disk. Not arthritis. Cancer. Bloody hell.

The meeting was tense, for sure. It’s really the first time we’ve had a chance to sit down with someone who deals with this kind of issue professionally (though our doctor today wasn’t an oncologist, so couldn’t tell us too much), and who could give us some guidance.

First business was to take more bloods. I’m starting to get pretty damn used to needles now, which is something I never thought I would say. Bloods and injections really aren’t that bad though – not sure how well I’d cope with something more serious like a biopsy. After the blood test came a urine sample test (TMI? Nah), and then I was led over to the ‘injury clinic’.

Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 07.36.15
I will have zero blood left at this rate…

Annoyingly, I now have to use a crutch because they’re worried that the cancer has weakened my hip/pelvis/leg on the right side enough that I could quite easily fracture something like my femur. I really detest crutches – they are gangly, awkward and make my hands hurt. But use them I must I suppose – it’s probably less cumbersome than having a fractures femur.

For now I have to play the waiting game again until more results come through, and we can finally know what type of cancer this might be and what sort of prognosis I might have.

Fingers crossed and all that.

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