Cancer Chic: Chemotherapy & Makeup

It’s funny what sorts of worries cross your mind in the dead of night. Lying in bed last night at 3am I realised I have no idea how to approach makeup during chemo. Some ponderous highlights include:

  • When it takes my hair and I’m rocking the Jean-Luc Picard vibe, where do I draw the line with my foundation? Do I just….keep going….? Should I invest in a paint roller to save time?
  • How do I do my beloved winged eyeliner without my lashes to guide me? Will I have to basically be drawing on my waterline?
  • Is there such a thing as head contouring? If not….can there be?
  • If all of my hair (yes, all of it) drops out as predicted, does that mean my nose hairs too? Am I going to have to incorporate a perpetually runny nose into my everyday look?
  • Should I just go all-in and embrace my drag person ‘Lyn Phoma’ now?


This morning I turned to the internet for help (thanks Twitter and Trekstock!) and have been receiving some great advice, which I shall continue to add to below as I receive it:

  • Check out Look Good Feel Better. Numerous other cancer fighters/survivors told me that this organisation is brilliant. They run make-up workshops and masterclasses that are held across the UK for women undergoing treatment for any type of cancer, and you can even grab a free goody bag! It’s also a great way to meet other people going through a similar situation.
  • Look Good Feel Better also have a range of tutorials on their website.
  • Hydration will be key. Invest in a lot of good moisturiser and drink a ton of water, because apparently chemotherapy is pretty ravaging to your skin.
  • There are some useful Youtube tutorials about this sort of thing – and not all of them are cancer-specific. It’s also handy to check out tutorials for people with alopecia.

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