Chemotherapy: Day Two

Super short update, because I’m aware this is my third post today (calm your tits, Ceri).

My second day of BEACOPP Escalated chemotherapy is over, and it went pretty well. Liquid lunch today involved two bags of Etoposide, two bags of Cyclizine, and some saline solution. It definitely wasn’t as taxing as yesterday’s mega session (though this was four hours) and aside from some nausea I’ve come home tired but okay. I even ate a full meal and pudding!

Once again, the staff in the chemo suite at the RUH were fantastic. Plus I had some lovely visitors – big thanks to my Dad, to Tracie and to Finn (yes ladies, he is single).

Honestly, I feel like my social life is almost busier since my diagnosis – normally I’m definitely an introvert, but going to treatment and talking to other cancer patients (in person and online) has been really helpful. I miss going into town and hanging out with my best friends though.

Medication is still confusing, but my amazing parents spent some of yesterday evening organising and writing up a meticulous schedule. Even the nurses were impressed by it!

One quick shout out – as I was leaving the hospital today I noticed some fantastic body positivity artwork on the walls. I had to stop and admire them, particularly because I’m trying to navigate¬†the intersections of self care, sickness, and body image at the moment. Turns out they were done by a great local artist called Hollie-Ann Hart (check out her stuff here). I loved every single one of her pieces, but these two stood out to me the most:

Right, I’m going to try to get an early night now, ready for tomorrow; day three of chemo. Hopefully the last visit to the hospital for at least a couple of days. Hope you’re all alright out there.

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