Befuzzled: Hair Growth After Chemo (Update 1)

I feel like it’s probably time for a quick update! This is purely an aesthetic one, so no deep musings today I’m afraid.

Over the last couple of months I’ve been getting a little freaked out seeing how fast other cancer patients’ fuzz was developing in comparison to mine. I started to worry that it would never grow back (!) but, like all things in life, it just needed some patience. I guess my hair is just slow growing, because it’s definitely making a comeback now (including all other body hair!)

Here’s how I’m doing so far with the head fuzz:

Although I’m enjoying the fruits of my fancy follicles (such a velvety texture!) I actually sort of miss the ease and certainty of being bald. I’ve always liked short hair (and have rocked a pixie cut for a while) so, for me, the hair loss of chemotherapy wasn’t really an issue.

Maybe I’ll stick with a buzz cut for a while?

2 thoughts on “Befuzzled: Hair Growth After Chemo (Update 1)

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  1. Why not it’s full on Mad Max Fury Road (Charlize Theron )…….;) As a side issue in my opinion Fury Road joins Thunderdome as a crap sequel to the original Road Warrior ….


  2. I love the buzz cut on you! You can definitely rock it, and it shows off your beautiful features. You are looking fab


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