It’s Official; I’m in Remission!

It’s official and unequivocal; cancer has left the building. No interference in the scan this time, so no doubt. I’m officially in remission from Stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma. This is going to take some time to process, but I am over the moon. I'm a cancer survivor!

Cancer is a House Fire

At first it went unnoticed. Silent tendrils of smoke licking at the walls, and small flames creeping their way through each room. By the time it was caught the inferno had a firm grip and was raging uncontrollably, wreaking immeasurable damage throughout the place I called home.

Am I A Vampire Yet? Getting A Blood Transfusion

After four days in hospital thanks to my second bout of neutropenic sepsis (sigh) I was feeling pretty rotten. As well as my neutrophils sitting at zero when admitted, my haemoglobin levels were also low and resulted in a lovely spell of anaemia. I was weak, dizzy and even my eyesight was being affected.

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