Am I A Vampire Yet? Getting A Blood Transfusion

After four days in hospital thanks to my second bout of neutropenic sepsis (sigh) I was feeling pretty rotten. As well as my neutrophils sitting at zero when admitted, my haemoglobin levels were also low and resulted in a lovely spell of anaemia. I was weak, dizzy and even my eyesight was being affected.

Orange You Glad This Isn’t You?

This morning I’m attempting to learn how to give myself my daily G-CSF injections (under the careful tutorage of Dr Tracie Miles, sharps extraordinaire). As someone with a phobia of needles, even looking at the damn thing is making me wobbly! But it’s way worse for the orange...

Navigating Other People: A Rant

What I am getting my knickers in a twist about that I am constantly wracked with a festering combination of guilt, frustration and resentment about the level of work I have to put in to helping others navigate my current situation. The seemingly endless placating and stroking of bruised feelings. How much of my currently very limited energy, emotion and willpower I'm expending on this shitty game of 4D top trumps that I'd rather be putting into oh, I don't know, literally anything else right now. 

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