Am I A Vampire Yet? Getting A Blood Transfusion

After four days in hospital thanks to my second bout of neutropenic sepsis (sigh) I was feeling pretty rotten. As well as my neutrophils sitting at zero when admitted, my haemoglobin levels were also low and resulted in a lovely spell of anaemia. I was weak, dizzy and even my eyesight was being affected.

Orange You Glad This Isn’t You?

This morning I’m attempting to learn how to give myself my daily G-CSF injections (under the careful tutorage of Dr Tracie Miles, sharps extraordinaire). As someone with a phobia of needles, even looking at the damn thing is making me wobbly! But it’s way worse for the orange...

Rolling With The Lows

Today I broke down. I continue to sob as I write this.

Sometimes I feel like my mind is renting a small square footage of my body. It has become communal property. Some of the tenants are part of a cooperative to keep it in good condition. Some are saboteurs. But everyone has a say.

I want my body back.

G-CSF Injection 1/5

LOOK AT MAH BELLEH! Day 1/5 of G-CSF injections done. These are daily home injections to stimulate my white blood cell count. Big shout out to Dr Nick for popping by today to do this, and to mum for being such a diligent documentarian (is that a real word?).

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