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Quick fact time: Did you know that 70% of young people experienced depression during their cancer treatment? That’s according to the 2017 CLIC Sargent ‘Hidden Costs’ report.


It’s not really surprising that cancer affects both your physical and mental health. Being diagnosed with cancer is life-changing for you and your loved ones, and just thinking about the range of emotions I’ve experienced since getting my diagnosis, the stress, the upheaval – to be honest I’m amazed that the cost to mental health isn’t even higher.

I have a fair bit of personal experience with mental health conditions, but this page is simply a repository for any resources relating to mental health and cancer that I come across along the way.

Cancer & Mental Health Resources

Macmillan Information Centres can be a huge help when looking for mental health support for someone with a cancer diagnosis, or their loved ones/carers. In my experience it’s best to talk to someone on the phone and specifically request that they post you any information they might have. You can then follow up with them once you’ve had a chance to browse.

Trekstock, a young adult cancer support organisation has a range of online support resources, including a number of Youtube videos featuring a whole series of advice on how to talk about your cancer diagnosis with various people, including your loved ones. These videos are useful no matter your age, and I can thoroughly recommend checking them out.

We Hear You is a local organisation (in and around Bath) that provides a free professional counselling service for anyone (including loved ones and carers) affected by a diagnosis of cancer or another life threatening condition. Even if you don’t live nearby, their online resources are amazing – please do give them a look!

We Get It provides support and information for people in Bath who are dealing with cancer – everything from eating well to exercising to accessing your local cancer community. They are SUPER lovely and supportive.

Facebook groups have been a bit of a lifesaver for me personally. There are a number of general cancer ones, as well as specific cancer, and I’ve found that the ability to talk to other people going through similar experiences at the click of the button. At the moment I’m a member of these Facebook groups:

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