My Chemo Box

About to embark on a course of chemotherapy, or hoping to practically support someone else who is? I can recommend a Chemo Box!

A Chemo Box is a package that contains different items – both for comfort and entertainment – that someone undergoing chemotherapy might need and want during their treatments. It just helps make life that little easier.

So, what’s in the box?


My Chemo Box, which will be updated as I go through chemo, currently contains:

  • A water bottle to help stay hydrated throughout the day
  • Lip balm to help sooth chapped and dried mouths
  • Cosy bed socks to help keep extremities warm while sitting around a lot
  • Face and body moisturiser to tackle the notoriously dry skin you get from chemo
  • Two books sent to me by one of my best friends
  • A jigsaw puzzle for when I really want to concentrate on 500 of something
  • A colouring book and pencils in case I feel like staying inside the lines
  • Notebook and pen, in case anything vaguely interesting crosses my mind
  • My Nintendo Switch, bringing me squarely back into the 21st Century
  • These ginger chews which apparently they help with nausea and ‘metal mouth’
  • Strengthening nail varnish as chemo can cause damage to your claws
  • One huge, fluffy blanket to combat the chill of doing very little for hours on end
  • A spare phone charger, reasons for which should be obvious
  • Antibacterial gel to help reduce risks of infection while my immune system is compromised
  • Disposable face masks for when I feel I need some extra protection
  • Biotene mouth spray, toothpaste and mouth wash, as recommended to me by a fellow cancer fighter who says mouth sores are to be expected
  • Soft bristle toothbrushes to reduce the risk of getting a mouth infection
  • A pair of headphones to protect other chemo-goers from having to share my music tastes
  • My favourite beanie hat (Urban Outfitters!) to keep my noggin warm

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